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Meihua International Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. Announces Donation of Anti-epidemic Goods to Yan

YANGZHOU, China, Aug 13, 2021 -- Meihua International Medical Technologies Co. Ltd. ("the Company"), a leading manufacturer and provider of Class I, II, III disposable medical device consumables in China, today announced that the Company has donated the first batch of goods including more than 6,000 medical masks and 6,000 isolation gowns, with cash of over RMB300,000 to Yangzhou of China Jiangsu province, where Covid-19 has outbroken recently. The goods have now been delivered to a donation point in Yangzhou to safeguard the epidemic prevention workers.

" The Company pays close attention to the epidemic situation in Yangzhou, implements the epidemic prevention and control work in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention arrangements, and fully supports the epidemic prevention and control workers who are fighting on the frontline of epidemic prevention and control in Yangzhou." Mr. Yongjun Liu, Chairman of the Company said.   

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