Chairman’s Message


Chairman’s Message

The medical device industry, known as the "sunrise industry", has shown a vigorous development trend over the whole country and even the world. The industry is also a environment-friendly and pollution-free industry, which conforms to the concept and position of green, intensive and sustainable development of industry advocated by our country. As the founder of Meihua International Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, I have been deeply involved in the medical device industry for over 44 years. Since 1977, I have led the team to set up multiple enterprises, and now they have become the leading enterprises in Touqiao Town of Yangzhou, the cradle of medical devices in China, as well as the council members of Jiangsu Medical Device Industry Association. I personally served as the president of Yangzhou Medical Device Industry Association for 22 years. I have been awarded as outstanding entrepreneur, honest entrepreneur representative and medical device industry representative for many times. At the same time, I am keen on public welfare undertakings. Now I serve as the vice president of the Charity Association of Guangling District of Yangzhou City. I have sponsored a lot of brilliant undertakings such as road reconstruction in towns, donations to the Red Cross Society, reconstruction of nursing homes, poverty alleviation and aid for students. 

We are aware that medical devices are special commodities indispensable for the people to prevent and cure diseases and protect their health. Providing safe and effective medical devices for the people is the sacred obligation and duty of medical equipment manufacturers. Doing business and being a person is the same truth, we can choose what kind of person to be, can also choose what kind of enterprise to do. Large enterprises have their own responsibility and small enterprises have their own obligation. As far as I am concerned, starting a business should be determined to be a great company. In my mind, the standards of a great company are as follows :1) the products or services provided by the company are of positive value to the society and people. 2) the company pursues the values of kindness and integrity. 3) the company's governance structure conforms to the modern enterprise system. 4) the company pursue to healthy operation and sustainable development. 5) employees have a high degree of recognition with the company.

Specifically, the tenet of our company is to "Make Achievements and Return to the Society". "Create Brilliant with Integrity " is the spirit of the enterprise; "Strive for Better" is our business philosophy, "Care for the Public, Protect Health" is our quality policy. To this end, we always adhere to the quality first, customer first, to ensure that medical equipment products with its good quality, affordable price, quality service to meet customer needs and to protect the health of the people.

Medical equipment is the product of multidisciplinary, comprehensive high and new technologies, involves mechanical, optical, electronic, information, materials and other disciplines, the product validation involves biological evaluation, animal experiments and clinical trials, experimental design and statistical analysis, and a series of biological and medical research. Research and development and innovation of high-end medical equipment need multi-disciplinary knowledge of high-end talents. In the aspect of talent, we have cooperated with many colleges and universities to introduce professional talents. In recent years, we have participated in the provincial entrepreneurship and innovation programs.

We also put special emphasis on marketing, research and development. After years of exploration, we have formed a set of effective marketing model, namely through analysis on the market demand, customer needs and product advantages, we have formulated marketing strategy from macro level and micro level, at the same time, through selection of a variety of marketing methods and platform, we have implemented internet-based marketing, advertising marketing, regional agents, direct sales, so as to form a unique Full-Coverage of the marketing network, so that the company's marketing reach out to every hospital across the country.

In order to strengthen the research and development strength and improve the product quality, the company attaches great importance to the investment in research and development. The company has established a standardized and high-end research and development center, and established a science and technology development project department, which is composed of many domestic and foreign experts and professors. The company has been working closely with universities and research institutes for a long time, and has made breakthroughs in many scientific research projects. Some scientific research achievements have reached the international leading level. By the measures, on the one hand, we solved the common technical problems in the process of transformation and upgrading of the industry, on the one hand, by strengthening research and development of new products, we gradually changed low added-value products and technologies, so as to realize our products from the quantity expansion to qualitative change.

We know that outstanding and successful enterprises must have its strong corporate culture. To be specific, we actively advocate and cultivate the spirit of enterprise: modesty, diligence, efficiency and innovation; our leaders must have to be: loyal to the enterprise, open-minded, good at learning and work hard, and our employees are required to be loyal to the enterprise, unite and cooperate, deep study and strive for the top.

With the promotion of "Healthy China 2030" and "Made in China 2025" as national strategies, the development of China's medical device industry has been on a positive trend. In the future, the industry will be more centralized and industrial integration is the inevitable direction of future development, so the domestic medical device industry has huge opportunities for merger and acquisition. It will be an important trend of future industrial development for Chinese medical equipment enterprises to accelerate the pace of merger and reorganization by means of industrial funds, stock listing and financing, and introducing foreign capital, to realize large-scale and intensive operation of the industry.

Yongjun Liu


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