Electronic Pump

Electronic Pump

Electronic Pump

Product Features:

Adopting the integrated technology of body and electricity, the product has the advantages of stable flow rate, controllable flow rate and PCA locking time, as well as acousto-optic alarm and prompt function. 

This product is easy to operate, and the doctor can control the dosage and frequency of the liquid according to the patient's condition. 

The product infusion device is one-time use, which reduces the workload of doctors and nurses in clinical operation, and is convenient for patients to use at the same time. 

This product has the advantages of aseptic, pyrogen-free, non-toxic and stable analgesic effect.

Scope of Application: It is used for postoperative intravenous and epidural administration.

Product Structure Composition and Performance

The electronic pump is composed of two parts: the main engine and the infusion device, which is equipped with four kinds of bond energy: exhaust, continuous, PCA, operation / stop, and the infusion device includes liquid box, single valve, pipeline, filter and locking joint. The infusion device is sterilized by ethylene oxide for one-time use, and the maximum number of use of the host is not more than 12 times. 

The infusion device is made of PVC material which uses DEHP as plasticizer and meets the standard requirements of soft polyvinyl chloride plastic for GB19593-1995 blood transfusion utensils.

Product Advantages: stable performance, simple operation, accurate drug administration and complete functions

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