Disposable Humidified Nasal Oxygen Tube

Disposable Humidified Nasal Oxygen Tube

Disposable Humidified Nasal Oxygen Tube

Model and Specification: type B, type M

Product Structure Composition and Performance:

The disposable humidified nasal oxygen tube is composed of a humidifying bottle and a nasal oxygen tube / mask, which is composed of a bottle cap, a bottle body, a mandrel, a filter and a humidifying liquid (optional); the nasal oxygen tube is composed of an oxygen source joint, an oxygen tube, a tee joint, a nose rack / nasal plug, and an ear hanger (optional); the mask is composed of a mask body, a mask body joint, an oxygen delivery tube, an oxygen source joint, a nose card and an elastic band. The nasal oxygen tube and mask are made of soft polyvinyl chloride material in accordance with GB/T15593-1995; the humidification bottle is made of polyethylene material in accordance with YY0114-1993; and the humidifying liquid is made of injection water that meets the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China (2015 edition). According to the combination, it can be divided into type B (humidification bottle and nasal oxygen tube) and type M (humidification bottle and mask). The product is provided in aseptic state. Nasal oxygen tube, mask, humidification bottle (without humidification liquid) are sterilized by ethylene oxide, humidification bottle (with humidification liquid) is sterilized by cobalt-60 irradiation, and should be sterile. 

Scope of Application: the product is used for connecting with oxygen supply device, for wetting patients and transporting oxygen.

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